Online Galleries

Studio Salimbal – A webcomics portal for a group of talented Filipino professionals of which I am proudly a part of.

Deviant Art – If the art on this site isn’t enough for you, this is where I upload up most of what I show online.

Comic Art Fans – For my original artworks, some of which are for sale!

My Favorite Sketch Cards – My best sketch card works. Curated by my biggest fan. 😉


Those Who Devour – nasty little bloodbath I did for Chad Boudreau’s Grim Collection of online horror stories. Moody and atmospheric. FREE!

GFT: Realm Knights – A high-octane book that stars some of Zenescope’s most beloved characters. Fun superhero action that also serves as a good entry point into the Grumm Fairy Tales Universe. Written by the prodigious Patrick Shand. (note – I drew issues 1-4)

GFT: Ascension – The sequel to Zenescope’s Unleashed event. The Being gathers his own group of Keepers to rule the earth. Thought-provoking, epic action and yet very intimate. Special mention to my two colorists, 3Martstudios and Michele Nucera for their wonderful efforts. Also written by the prolific Patrick Shand.

Legendary Encounters: A Predator Deck Building Game– I did the lineart for a few of the cards for this game from the fine people at Upper Deck Entertainment.

24 Hours in Hell.A. This harrowing story follows a group of survivors as they go through the opening hours of a zombie apocalypse. Lotsa dark humour and gory action from the mind of Liam Stephens.

Red Plains – An on-line comic published by Top Shelf Comix. A gritty, realistic Western filled with action and drama, featuring a large cast of memorable and distinct characters.  Written by the amazing Caryn Tate.

The Misadventures of Electrolyte and the Justice Purveyors – A funny and fresh superhero comic. Electrolyte and his friends battle all forms of evil as they protect Megalopolis from  various evildoers that would prevent it’s citizens from enjoying the liberties of truth, justice, and getting really really hammered. Written by the hilarious Patrick Reilly.

The Comeback – A FREE 48-page super hero comic book about a team of castoffs as they try to reclaim their former glory. Filled with suspense, action, and Jenny the Superstar Gorilla! Written by the talented Ben Gilboa.

Come With Me – A science fiction re-telling of the Japanese fairy tale “Urashima Taro.” Written by the innovative Dan Hill with fabulous colors by Tim Switalski. FREE!!!